Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Web Wishes 6x6 Scrapbook Page

I know its not Halloween.. But I could not help myself.. its just to funny!! The Comic says "Odd I don't feel evil, But I do feel like Scrapbooking" *LOL*

I got this 6x6 Scrapbook page in a Swap, my friend Kim made it. I found this really funny Comic Strip online and printed it. I just had the Comic on my desk and one day was going through all my 6x6 Halloween pages, and this one was perfect for this Comic. I wanted to share it with everyone... it makes me laugh everyday! I am adding a link to a page that lets you print the comic for free. The comic strip is from Dave Coverly Oct 25th 2004.

Can't wait for Halloween!
Shirley Pumpkin


Holly said...

U gotta make me a copy of that cartoon..

Shirley Pumpkin said...

hey Holly

I found the link and added it to the post.. I can always email it to you if you want.. Hey I am sure you also have this Scrapbook page that Kim made.. It was back in the day when you lived out here..

Miss ya