Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Week Three from My Valentine Blog Hop!!

 Hi Valentine Hop Friends!!

This week was great, we had a lot of cards that were super Cute! And Boy oh Boy do I love Cute Stuff!! I even have my days right so far, by adding this post on the right day!! lol

This week I picked Margaret for my favorite!! What a great idea to make the pedal cone die into a heart. I love the flower that she added to it.
Margaret Raburn

Close up of the flower that I love!!

I was thinking I might even do a St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop next... what do you guys think???

See you all tomorrow! With my new project for the last week of the Valentine Blog Hop!



ebeth9267 said...

This Petal Cone heart pocket is a definite show stopper. Knowing how awesome the embossed DSP is and the beauty of the SAB DSP, I would put big bucks on this being worth MEGA COIN!!! I told Margaret how much I liked it--it's A MA ZING. Smiles, Ebeth

ebeth9267 said...

A St. Pats blog hop? In the past I have not done too much of that, but I can bring out the corned beef, hash, and everything green for a bit. Count me in!

Margaret Raburn said...

Wow! Thanks so much for selecting my petal cone heart for your fave this week! I'm very thrilled!! Thank you for having this fun Valentine Blog Hop! I love seeing everyone's creative ideas too!

Terry Blais said...

Congrats Margaret on a super cute flowered heart! It's adorable!!!

I'd love a St. Paddy's Day hop! That sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...