Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Obsessed" more Stampin Up Fabric Owls and Staging the Stamp Show in Puyallup Washington

Yes I think I am Obsessed!!!

I can't stop making these cute little owls!!! While I am cutting them out, I am trying to think of the cutest way to put the fabric, it just makes me happy! I am glad so many of my friends like them so much, because I am not sure what I would have done with all the different ones I have made... the house would just be full of them and my Husband might have to move out to make room for them. lol

Yes these Owls are for sale 15.00 each plus shipping. I have found some cheaper ways to ship, so it can cost from 3.50 to 11.50 depending how many you buy and how you want them shipped, 1st Class or Priority Mail.  I can send you a PayPal Bill to your email. If you want one, email me at with "Owls" in the Subject line!!!

If the owl does not say "Available" email me anyway I might still have the stuff to make you one.

This is Katie!! I love her the most out of my last batch! The "Timeless Portrait" fabric with the faces was kind of hard to match up and you don't get as many owls out of the fabric because of that. The fabric lined up perfect with her arms and body!!! I called her the MIRACLE Owl!

This is Katie hangin out in one of the old windows that we used in the show at Puyallup Fairgrounds in the Pavilion Building. The show is this weekend and ends Sunday at 4pm

This is Kalie and Serena. Kalie is not in SU fabric but Serena has Flitatious fabric on her tummy. 
Both are Sold
This is Richelle with Stampin' Up Timeless Portrait fabric.

This is Francis and Kimmie they are both made from Stampin' Up Timeless Portrait fabric.
Both are Sold

This is Lacy and Coolio both made with the Brand New "Comfort Cafe" fabric available on June 1st!!!
Both Sold

This one is Calvin made with the "Comfort Cafe" SU fabric.

This is Sabrina she is also made with "Comfort Cafe" SU fabric.

This is Bobby he is also made with the "Comfort Cafe" SU fabric.

Here is a close up of the arms of my cute little Owls. These arms are a pain to do, but that is what makes them so cute!!

This is Dani made with "Summer Smooches" SU fabric.

This is Dolly made with "Twitterpated" body and "Flirtatious" tummy. Both SU fabric. 

This is Cindy she is made with SU "Springtime Vintage" Fabric.

This is Ashlee she is made with  "Flirtatious" SU fabric

This is Billy Jo she is made with "Beau Chateau" SU fabric

Pictures of the Stamp Show in Puyallup

 I staged this "Shabby Chic" look booth.
This is little Jenn hangin on one of the displays. She is made with "Deck the Halls and Twitterpated" SU fabric. I bought this shelf at a County store that was going out of business.
Jenn is Sold

I set up the table with cool old wood boxes under the table and used the barrel for a stand for more clear stamp sets. I love that picket fence box; I got that at JoAnn's last year.

Another view of the same table. You can see my cute owls Dani, Serena and Kimmie as part of the Display.

These old window are great for displays at shows.  That is little "Julia" hangin inside one of the purses. 
Julia is Sold

If you look at the ground you can see my old rusty scale, then I put a bunch of background stamps on it as part of the display, It is a really cute idea if I say so myself! lol 

More of my Owls hangin out. I put the tall lattice shelf with the old door, I used some dryway screws and hook them both together.

The dresser and the round table are both out of my bedroom. I took so much stuff from my house for this show we could not do it in one load in her van. The white lattice is from my porch that I use as a screen.

So Do You Think It Looks Shabby Chic???

Thanks for looking

I hope some of you make it to the SHOW!!!
Calvin and Bobby say Bye bye see you next time!!


Cindy van Oorschot said...

Your Owls are adorable as usual. The display looks great, I hope you ladies did well at the show.

Susanne said...

Yes your display looks shabbily chic for sure. I would have loved to come browse. I love SU and you make me wish I could sew. I hope you had good sales.

Sassy Runner Girl said...

I would really love to buy Sabrina!!!Please let me know- love the comfort cafe and I have a pup named Sabrina :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh those owls are the coolio and dani the best..actually love the cottagy type how you did them..they are wonderful.;)

Deborah Smart said...

Fabulous set up, Shirley!! You adorable owls really showcased well. Thanks for visiting me from SC, too :)
Cheers ~ Deborah

Brenda Rigby Riehle said...

Absolutely love your owls and pursees and hope your have a very profitable show. A friend of mine collects owls, and although she probably doesn't need a new one, I'll be emailing you. LOL

Connie Plaumann said...

Very cute owls Shirley!

Thanks for following me, and I am your latest follower. :)

Amanda Corbet said...

I would like to order Dolly and Sabrina please! If Sabrina is no longer available how about Coolio instead?

Penny Hanuszak said...

Oh Shirley you missed your calling. Supreme Stager and Owl Designer extrordinaire are! Wow wish I had your talents. How could anyone help but stop by the booth and check out all the goodies. Good luck with your sales. I'll do another pitch on my Pinterest board for you.


Kimberley Hebert said...

Shirley, your owls are so darn cute! Thanks for the kind note on my blog. I have been following your blog for a little while..Can't wait to see your next cute post!

Shari Winterstein said...

Sooooo Cooot! :() Thanks for blessing my day. :)

Cheryl Bux said...

Hey Shirley, Thanks for the nice comments on my blog and the follow thru SC! Love your owls - I think Katie is my favourite too! Your stamp shelves are AWESOME and I love that you can see all the stamps! I need some of those!
Have a crafty day!

Bridgett Owens said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and following me! :) Now I am following you and am enamored with your gorgeous owls and amazing creations! :) Love it all and hope it sells quickly!

Terry said...
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Janet Y said...

These are all so stinkin cute!!! I am hopeless with sewing so I am always in awe of people who can! Love them. Thanks for following me at Stampin Nerd. I am now following you too.

Dale Morin said...

Looks fabulous! You are so creative. Did you say you were bringing some owls to convention? If so I want one.

Anonymous said...


Shirley, Shirley, Shirley!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE my two new little owls, Lacy and Dani! Oh my gosh, no joke.... they are the cutest little guys and they are more special knowing how a fellow, loving demonstrator has made them with her own two hands and with our own beautiful fabrics! They are sitting right in front of me and they make me soo happy to look at them! I love, love, love them both! Thank you So Much for your beautiful attention to details (and for having an eye for what a "cute project" it is)!

As you know, I just put in another order for you to send a gift to someone else special, I can't wait to hear about it's surprise arrival, too! :D Thanks so much!!!

Stampin' Hugs, Donna

Lyneen said...

YIKES I WAS THERE! this was a fantastic display!!!

Rose Castillo said...

I so want one made with comfort cafe fabric, are you making more? If you bring some to convention I want to get one and I'm almost sure my roommate would want one too.

Unknown said...

Shirley.... I just received one of your owls (Lacy) as a gift from a very wonderful and thoughtful friend. Your talent with crafting is amazingly cute! Thanks so much for touching my life in such a comforting way. =)

Pam Irwin said...

I love the owls! I was wondering if you could change it up as a penguin? I need a mascot for my business-page (preferably with SU fabric) I heard about your blog from someone who visited mine and had this info on there lol check mine out-

I'm enjoying reading your blog :) such talent!

Anne-Elise said...

Wow!! These owls are so cute, Shirley!! Love them!

michelle sturgeon said...

wow, your display is AWESOME! I love your owls so much!