Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halloween Plush Penguin for Stampin' Royalty Fabric Challenge and My Stamp Room Re-Do for Halloween!!!

Hi Blogging Friends

OMG I did it!!! I Created a Penguin!! Yes this is my own pattern. I seen that Stampin' Royalty was having a Fabric Challenge and I thought this would be the perfect time to design something NEW!

One of my blogging friends emailed me and asked me to make her a Penguin. I had to make the prototype with Halloween fabric... You know how much I LOVE Halloween!

Her name is Witchy Poo!!! lol

I made the hat with black felt and added one of the Jolee Skeletons as a charm that matches the fabric. The next ones I make are going to be out of some of Stampin' Up Fabric. They are going to be so CUTE!

Stampin' Royalty Challenge #138

I also redecorated part of my stamp room to kick off my Halloween Frenzy!

Just some of my Halloween stamps!!!

Close up of some of the Projects that I did last year for my Count Down to Halloween Blog Hop.

The Crow on the book is from a class I did last year.

I found these boots last week at a Garage Sale!! FOR $5.00!! Do they look perfect as Halloween witch boots or what!!???

I put a fun skull scarf on my lamp to give it a spooky look.

The Devil Cat is made by one of my favorite artist Julie L. Karanik. If you click her name it will take you to her eBay, she has so many cute things for sale!!

This is just a little Frankenstein that I made with one of my son's school photos. This is just a print out of it, I gave the original to my Mother in Law.

Thanks for looking
Shirley Pumpkin

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Sheri said...

Gosh, I wish I had saved some of those older SU Halloween sets! But I was stupid and sold them! Cute penguin, and I love your owls.

Lesley said...

Wow, such a fun way to get ready for Halloween Shirley and I LOVE that penguin!! You amaze me!

Tina said...

ok witchy poo is so darn cute....awesome job on her....i am loving your craft room very cool love that its halloween styled

Dale Morin said...

How cute! You are amazing!

Laura Tieri said...

I've been waiting to see those witch shoes. How cool! I saw something in a magazine once that had witch shoes, a broom, & a hat sitting on a chair by the front door. Like the witch just stepped out for a moment & would be back. Witchy Poo is adorable! :o)
I love that you have all your Halloween stamps. I have never gotten rid of any of mine either!

Brenda Rigby Riehle said...

Your little penguin is just too cute!! Thanks so much for sharing it. I've always loves your owls, and I can see these little penguins are going to be just as popular.