Friday, December 23, 2011

Winners of the Christmas Blog Hop and Oh Christmas Tree!!

Sorry I am so late in Posting the Winner of week 6 to the Christmas Blog Hop. I have been doing all my Christmas Shopping in the last 3 days.... YES all of it!! I went with Terry one day, with my Kids another and ONE day by myself. I have been so tired that I just went to bed right when I got home. And here I am all awake after wrapping over 50 gifts with my kids help... lol (if you can call that help)

The Six Weeks of the Christmas Blog Hop have been so much fun. All of you that played along made really Fabulous stuff!! I have received so many sweet comments and emails from so many of you and I just want to say Thank You so much, that is what makes it so much fun for me!!

This is the last time I get to use this cute badge that Terry made me! Thanks again Terry you make cute stuff!!! I added to my sidebar so I won't miss it to much!!

OK Now to the Winner!!
Week Six Winner is Elizabeth!!
There is More, she is also the Winner of the all Six Weeks of the Christmas Blog Hop!

I just love how she used numbers on her card, she talks about it on her post. I am going to us this idea more myself this coming year (I have to buy all the Dies first). The 25 in Red Glitter paper is just a Stunner! The first edition DSP is so perfect here, I have 2 packs of this paper untouched.

I also wanted to show how beautiful it is from the side view. Elizabeth this card is a Winner!! Thank you so much for playing along with the Christmas Hop.

This is the Mini Tree that I have by my front door. The colors are mostly Purple, Pink, Turquoise, and bright Blue. I got the Christmas Raggedy Ann and Andy at  Central Market in Poulsbo Washington.

Cute Ornament that I got at Pier One Imports, I bought a few of them and one big one that I have in the Kitchen.

I love LED star lights.

More cute ornaments!

This is my big tree that is in the middle between my Kitchen and Dinning Room.  

Some of my Cute Starbucks Bears from last year.

More Starbucks, a Bear and Mouse.

The penguin is Starbucks and I made the Angel girl with the JOY on it. I also put a ton of Santa Pez on the Tree.

I used my Advent Calender boxes from Stampin' Up a few years ago as Ornaments, and yes I still put a bunch of candy in them for my kids to get everyday.

Shirley SU


Snowmanlover said...

Oh Shirley your house is so beautiful and so are your trees! I love the front door and your baseboards!
Cute ornaments. I had to already take my Christmas Decorations down to pack up the first floor. Can't wait to get them back out again next year!

Terry Blais said...

Congrats to Elizabeth! She makes beautiful things. Shirley, I love your trees. You did buy a ton of gifts, girl! The Starbucks bears and other critters are all so cute. Great photos.

Dale Morin said...

Congratulations to Elizabeth. Beautiful card!

Love how you decorated your tree!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

ebeth9267 said...

Wow, let me say "Thanks a Whole Bunch" for being the winner. It was a complete pleasure hopping with you each Wednesday. Are you planning a Valentine blog hop? I am in if you do :0) Thanks again, Elizabeth

SherryBee said...

Gotta love those trees!
You've decorated them so stinkin' cute! Love the advent ornaments, too!
SherryBee in AZ