Monday, September 6, 2010

New Cabinet in Stamping area

I have been running out of space for a while in my Stamp Room. I was at Home Depot and found this Cabinet by Martha Stewart, it was 39.99 and the little baskets were 6.99. I really thought it was a good deal and that it would hold a lot of my things so my stamping area would be more clear and I would not have to move things to the floor every time I wanted to stamp.

My stamping area is more like a loft and that is my bedroom door that you see. I really need more space. lol

I could not decide on one Color of the Baskets so its kind of a mish-mash. lol In the Baskets I have .. one is full of ribbon, then one has all my Zutter machine and bindings and my glue gun, then one is full of Projects I have never finished, and then the last two have all my tin's and chip board books (I have a lot of those).

This is my Card Tree that Terry Su bought for me at the Stampin Up Convention last year.

Just a look at the top of it, trying to keep all my new cards and stuff organized.. Trying!!! lol

And this is how I have been taking all my pictures of my Cards lately. It really is great, I just use this one box for Pictures so it is always clear, plus its all white and the pictures turn out so good and I don't have to run around my house looking for the best light to take the pic's. I added that little white picket fence just cuz it was cute!.. I got that at Micheal's in the section where all the cute wood shapes are for only like a $2.00.

Thanks for looking
hugs Shirley


Terry & Kim said...

I've left a comment already about how great your storage looks. Where did it go?

Shirley Pumpkin said...

I think I am having Problems with my Comments... what is going on??! .. who do I send a message to about that??