Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #68

Having fun again with WOYWW!! I just love this blog and Thank you Julia for getting us all started. I just love to go and look at every one's desks full of cool Stuff! And Plus it gives me the best ideas!

I just got done making a card, so its kind of a mess. The Spooky book from last week is just under the pile. I hope to get it done later this week and will show it next week. Under that pile of Cards is the new lab-top my Husband just got me the other day.. what a big surprise! Some of the Cards in that pile are from a Oldies Halloween event I just had last Saturday. The bags on the floor are some Hello Kitty stuff I am going to make into gift baskets one day, and some DSP in a folder to keep it handy. The Card I made is for our "Friday Mashup" come back and take a look on Friday.. and maybe join in on the fun!

I wanted to show how I keep my paper all sorted. I bought a file Cabinet and labeled each color with a color tab. I also put all my scraps back into the same file so all the same colors are together and I don't have to keep a scarp basket anymore.


Heather x said...

Oh babe! What a great filing system you have :)
Wow lucky you, what a great surprise gift hubby gave you!
*hugs* Heather x

Phree said...

Your desk looks very busy. Love the hallowe'en cards and the very organised filing system for your paper and card stock.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

A nice busy desk! I love your organized filing system! Patsy from

Lizzybobs said...

that is a fabulous work area you have there loving your filing system too - thanks for sharing with us ;o) have a good week Liz (24)

Susan Allan said...

You are so organised. I love your Halloween cards!

Keep busy
sue xx 8

Terry Blais said...

Looks like you've been busy! I can't wait to see what your Friday Mashup card looks like. Terry 127

Spyder said...

I think your file system is a brilliant idea, I have 12 large ringed files with my papers in and always get muddled when I pull sheets out, and never find the place to put back the scraps, and the files are sooo full they often fall open or fall down and everything spills out! Great name, for this time of year! you were about the 30th on my list to do...I'm a slow typer! I should be done by next Tuesday!
Have a great WOYWW

Anonymous said...

Well just look at that, if paper in a file cabinet organised by colour isn't the pinnacle of crafting organisation then I don't know what is! Love Scooby too!

Brenda (88)

Sue said...

Hi Shirley
lovely craftys desk, fab cards there,happy WOYWW, sue,x (3)

Rebecca said...

WOWWWWWWWW! Look at all those stamps! & the Halloween TREE!!! You celebrate it BIG TIME in America don't you? How come we don't here in the UK _ I would LOVE to get all crafted up for Halloween.
Love your room and my, All those STAMPS!!
Rebecca (No. 15)

Ciara said...

Fab idea to have all your paper & card in a filing cabinet

Love the stripey birds on the Halloween card!

Thanks for stopping by my desk too :-)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, aren't you lucky! You have a fantastic hubby to surprise you with a laptop. I have a Bleubeard who surprises me with sandbox deposits (grin).

Lovely cards and a great way to store your paper. It sure works for you, which is the secret to good storage solutions.

Sorry I'm really, really late this week, especially since I'm #2. The only excuse I have is life and company got in the way. And of course blogger kept giving me Error 503 most of Wednesday.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

So organised I would love that filing cabinet.

A.xx (38)

Julia Dunnit said...

Fun, cheerful cards for Hallowe'en. YOur desk is lovely, very welcoming. That spotted cup stamp really belongs in my collection you know! I love that you file card stock so well - what do you do with the patterned papers then?


Hey, now I know how to organize my papers! DUH! Thanks for the visit!