Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Valentine by My Son Calvin

I was planning on posting this on Valentines day and forgot. My Son made his own Valentines this year. He stamped all 25 himself and the only thing I told him to add was the heart on the parachute, I thought that it needed it to look more like a Valentine. My Son is in the 3rd Grade this year. 

He found the  parachute Stamp at Rubber Soul before it closed last year.


Lisa said...

He did a great job, the valentines look fantastic!

Terry Blais said...

Calvin, I love your Valentine! I'm just wondering why I didn't get one.... No worries. I love you anyway.

Holly said...

Awesome job Calvin.. I miss getting all those hand made treats from you when I would come over! You are an excellent stamper! Nice choice for V-Day too! I bet the kids loved it!