Sunday, April 3, 2011

Working on my Easter Tree today

 OK, I finally got all my St. Paddy's  Day stuff off my tree today. I just got a few ornaments on it plus those cute pink flowers. I have a ton of cute Easter stuff so I might be decorating other parts  of the house too. Sherrybee sent me a message the other day asking "Hey where is the Easter Tree" lol. So Sherry here  I am working hard on it.

 The tree is right by my front door.

 Here is my mess, of some of my Easter stuff.

This is my Cat Vickie looking at me like "what the Hell is going on here" lol

Or what do you think she is saying..... ?

Oh and if you have not yet checked out my New Challenge Blog, Please go take a look.

Thanks for looking


SherryBee said...

*jumping up and down*
{My teenage son used to do that to me, when he was being stoopid!}
I'm so happy to see you are creating your Easter Tree! Can't wait to see the finished product!

I think Vickie...with her hair all static-y looking, is saying....
Oh, brother! Here she goes again! LOL

Have fun!
It is WINDIER THAN H E DOUBLE HELL on this old Arizona mountain, today! I'm stayin' IN!
SherryBee in AZ

Terry and Shirley SU said...

Cute tree - need some close-up shots, though!

Sylvie and I think Vickie is saying, "Hurry up and leave the tree alone so I can kill all the little bunnies and eat the eggs!" lol