Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Card for a Friend

My Son and my Best Bud Terry Su have the same Birthday, is that weird or what. This is the birthday card I gave to Terry for her Birthday. Its not as exciting as some of the cards I make but I had just finished it the day before so I thought it would be a good one.... But you see it was a card from a SAS that she had done and I did not make it at her studio I just took the parts home and changed it and added some bling. She just laughed and said "hey I know this Card".  

 I used the sponge dauber a lot on this card, I just love the look of it.
 I still have to make her another card with Current SU Stuff... or I am in Trouble!! lol

You can see the bling I added to the candles so it looks like they are lit.

One of my favorite things is to tie lots of extra ribbon onto the main piece of ribbon. My friend Kim started calling it the "Shirley Technique" or what she really said is "Blame it on Shirley" lol

This is my Son Levi, I had just said "look happy because you got a Scooter for your Birthday!!!" lol and look how happy he is. In the picture with him is Connor on the left and my younger son Calvin on the right, a bunch of very Happy Boys!

Thanks for looking

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Ann Schach said...

Cute card, Shirley! I love the bling for the candle flames and the "shirley technique" for the ribbon!