Friday, June 3, 2011

My Son and Best Bud Making Cards

My Son Calvin and his best friend Connor, love to hang out in the Stamp Room and make cards. This is some pictures of them Making Cards. I let them use just about anything they want, I do like to watch them to make sure it all gets put away, but their have been a few nights when I went to bed and the two of are up in the middle of the night making cards. They both are 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. They are so darn Cute!

 Calvin making a Motorcycle card.

I think I make a bigger mess then he does making a card. The two of them are really loving this Motorcycle stamp I found, I think they stamped 10 or more cards using it.

Here is a rocket ship card he made, he set up for the picture and everything himself.

This is Connor with a Card he made his Mom.

That is the inside of the card, where he used an Ice Cream and Motorcycle stamp.

Picture of the Sunset off my porch the other night.

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Annie said...

Aww... I think that is probably the sweetest thing I have seen of boys, making cards. I hope my kids will like making cards with me when they're a little older.

LeAnne said...

Oh my, what a good mom you are to let them play with your stuff! GOOD CARDS, guys!!! Awesome creations!

okienurse said...

Sweet! Budding artists for sure! Calvin def has the handle on how it is done. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

SherryBee said...

I love that they both like to make cards! Looks like your son is a natural! Great job on the photo setup, too!!!

Anne Marie said...

Looks like they had a great time! I love that your son set up the photo shot, too. That made me smile. Too cute! :)