Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Salt Lake City for Stampin' Up Convention 2012 with my Owl Babies!

Hey I made it to SLC!

Things have been fun from the start. Jenn and I went to the airport and after a little shopping I went to my gate and walk right onto the plane and got a window seat. Then the girl that sat next to me said "I know you, you're Shirley Pumpkin". She (Leilani Landis)went on to tell me that she bought one of my owls back when I first started making them... and Yes one of the first ones I sold on my blog... Cute little Mr. Buttons from the Sweet Stitches SU fabric.

Here I am at the Shilo in SLC with a bunch of my Owl babies

Here they are right out of the suitcase.... Jumping on my Bed!!! I told them to stop! People are going to hear them Whoooting and Dancing! lol

This is cute little Joy. She is made with the SU Christmas fabric

This is Tabitha. She is made with some fun Candy corn fabric and the new SU Harvest fabric.

This is Ivy. She is also made with the new SU Christmas fabric.

This is Elvis. He is made from the new SU Harvest fabric.

This is Herman. She is made with some fun Owl fabric and SU's new Harvest fabric.

This is my first Swap that I got from Leilani Landis on my Southwest flight.

Here are the first bunch of Happy Owl Parents holding their new Babies. They are Melissa Miller, Marlene Salvato, Jacque Hendrie, Diana Gibbs, Marlene Salvato and Rhonda Morgan in the back.

Thanks Girls for all the fun and Hugs!!

This is the view from my room... I was so happy, because last time I was here I was looking at a brick wall. lol
That is the Convention Center right in the front. I am on the 6th floor and I even seen the sunset tonight from my window. I want to get a better picture but the windows are so darn dirty. I wonder if I talk to the front desk if someone will clean them tomorrow.???

This is Sally Nusbaum in the Center and Jan Bender on the right. They bought out my Halloween Owls.

Just a little kiss goodnight! LOL

If you want anymore info about the Owls just email me at
with Convention Owls in the subject line.

Or just find me in the Convention Center or Shilo

Thanks for looking
Shirley Pumpkin


Tina said...

cute halloween card, love the mummy...and your owls are amazing...great pictures

LeAnne said...

You're FAMOUS!!! How fun! I am pretty sure I have met Diana Gibbs a couple times---it looks like you are having a blast!

Audrey said...

Super cute travel buddies! Are those for swaps? I've never been to convention...I'm a new demo. I hope to make it there someday! :) Looks like you are having so much fun!

Michelle (aka Meechelle) said...

SO many things to comment on!

1. The convention looks like an absolute blast. How cool that your friend was standing right next to you like that? Too funny.

2. Your owls are ADORABLE!!! I apparently need to learn to sew or something. LOVE them!

3. Great Halloween card! I am working on a Halloween card now, and I know people are going to think I am crazy when I post it this early, but I can't help myself!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Melissa said...

Hi Shirley:

My owl babies are home safe and sound! Seeing our pic on your blog was too cool! Heard all the babies got adopted...yay!!! Thanks for your creativity!