Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winner Week One of Winter Wednesday Christmas Blog Hop!

Hey Annie Marie!! This Card is Stinkin' Cute!!

I love when there is Pink in Christmas Cards. I just adore the embossing folder and the Bow is Perfect. This card should be the one in the Mini showing everyone how to use this Stamp Set!! I think SU would have sold a lot more of them.

Did you guys see how I changed the name a little in the title??! Terry was saying today that she was looking for my Hop to start on Monday like my Halloween Hop, but Mondays are hard for me to get a lot of things done so I changed it to Wednesday for Christmas.  So what do you guys think??? Winter Wednesday?

Thank you Anne Marie for joining the Blog Hop this week!

I will see you all tomorrow, with a new card or 3D project.



Anne Marie said...

What??! Are you serious? Thank you Shirley! What an honor! I'm liking your Winter Wednesday feature. Like you, Monday's are NOT my thing, so I like the mid-week-move! Hope you had a great day! Hugs! :)

Penny Hanuszak said...

Congratulations Anne Marie. Your card is so awesome and I can see why Shirley chose it! Winter Wednesday sounds good to me too and the timing is sooooooooo much better! Thanks Shirley for all you do to make the week fun!

Terry Blais said...

That's a beautiful card, Anne Marie! Great choice, Shirley. I agree - Anne Marie's card would sell thousands of that stamp set if pictured in the mini catalog! Lovely!!!