Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winner Week Two of Winter Wednesday Christmas Blog Hop!

Barb Gornick!!

Barb made a really delightful Hybrid Card. I loved this card from the start. The texture and dimension of the paper makes this card fun to look at. The card is crisp and clean and the colors are traditional. It just makes me think of the old time vintage cards.

Tomorrow starts week Three, are you ready with a project. I have to work  on mine tonight. lol

Barb Gornick

Thank you so much Barb for adding your Card to the Winter Christmas Blog Hop!

Now I have to get to work on my card.!


Dale Morin said...

Congratulations to Barb. Great card.

Snowmanlover said...

Oh my, I just saw this!!! Thanks so very much!!!

Snowmanlover said...

Oh and thanks for your sweet comments too, just noticed those ( bad eyesight!) thank you, I love when you said it gives a vintage feel. I literally threw this one together with my 13 year old neighbor boy over, handing me scraps of paper, as he was waiting for my daughter to finish her homework!

Terry said...

Okay, Shirley, I was going to give you grief about not choosing my card, until I saw Barb's. Sheesh! Who can compete with that? It's fabulous! I'll try again next week....